6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Kangundo Road

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Kangundo Road

As many Kenyans are moving out of the costly and heavily congested capital of Nairobi, Kangundo road is proving to be the top choice of many investors. The place is an hour’s drive from CBD, and the plots are very affordable. It has the most affordable and prime plots for both residential and commercial development. Nairobians investors and individuals who want to build homes prefer investing in this area due to the proximity to CBD. Being a part of Machakos County, the government in the office has set apart 396.8B to be spent on infrastructure in Kangundo; hence we will witness infrastructural growth in the areas.

Here are the reasons why Kangundo road is said to be the next bedroom for the Nairobians;

Ready Titles

Any property agent dealing with lands within Nairobi will bear me witness that processing titles in counties around Nairobi is a hard task. However, processing titles is much faster at Machakos county. Compared to other counties around Nairobi, the process of owning land and title processing has proved to be less cumbersome. For instance, Bluman properties operate in this area, and over the last three years, the company has been able to facilitate the transfers of more than 50 title deeds to their clients.

Easily Accessible

Kangundo road area enjoys public transport, and the area is easily accessible from either Machakos, Thika road, Mombasa road, or the CBD. To ease the traffic, the road is being expanded to a dual carriageway.

Availability of Cheap Building Materials

Building is an expensive venture, and when carrying out this worthwhile task, you want to cut costs where possible in every way. You don’t want the hassle of conveying building materials long distances. It takes up your money and time. At kangundo road, building materials such as cement, sand ballast, and others are readily available. Accessing them is easy; hence no need to travel long distances to access them. The area also has several timber yards, construction material sites, and hardware shops, which are always open for extended hours, making the construction journey easy.

Steady Growth

Land prices at Kangundo road have been increasing rapidly. The road expansion in support of dual carriage has made land value rise within the area. The cost of land selling at 200K to 500K a year ago is now going at 900K to 1.5M. As the county government continues to pour more money in support of infrastructure development, Kangundo road and its environs are constantly developing.

Low-priced Land

Compared to other places around Nairobi CBD’s outskirts, Kangundo road is the cheapest of them all. However, this is the best time to purchase land since the price is expected to increase as the investors continue to develop their properties. Also, the ongoing infrastructural development happening at the moment will affect the prices of land.

Gated Community Set Up

Some major projects are coming up in the area. Some real estate companies have already built gated communities with prices ranging between 4M to 6.5M. Investors say that they have been attracted to this side due to the availability of huge chunks of land available at affordable prices. In addition, developers have constructed quality houses for sale, which are available at very reasonable prices. Kangundo road has a homely environment and the best place to settle for a home. Soon, the area will be a competitive, lucrative residential and commercial hub. If looking for a place to build either for commercial or residential purposes, contact us and let us walk you through this journey

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